Monterey, Otters and Jellyfish! Oh My!

Sea otters are extremely high on my list of favorite animals. This will be a relevant fact in a moment, but it’s probably also something you should just know about me.

sea otter - Monterey Bay Aquarium

 G and I have both been mind-bogglingly busy lately. He’s in his last year of grad school, so he’s pretty much always going one foot on a banana peel.

As for me, well, I’m sure you remember this picture:

K's bad day

Things at Bright Antenna Records have been crazy (in a brilliant way) because we have 3 new releases scheduled for this year. Beware of Darkness and Middle Class Rut both have their LPs up for pre-order on iTunes. And the Flagship guys will be putting the finishing touches on their debut album over the next two months.

I’ve been running Life’s Little Mischiefs (obviously) and having way too much fun participating in blog hops.

I released my novel on Amazon and Smashwords last month, and I designed a whole new cover for it in the last couple of weeks. I think it’s a lot better than the original:

new cover The Forever Kind

I’m also finishing up my second novel and hope to have it out in June.

Basically, I have a tendency to bite off a lot more than I should be chewing at one time. Not that that’s a secret.

But, as we recently discussed, I have been trying to attend to my Me Time needs. So G came up with the idea of a weekend trip down the coast to Monterey to regroup and refresh.

“We both need the break,” he said.

“Fine, but I want to see the sea otters,” I said.

“Of course we’re going to see the sea otters,” he said.

And that was how the medicinal properties of sea otters and jellyfish came into my life.

Meet Gidget the Sea Otter

Gidget the otter

During feeding time, the sea otters’ subjects caretakers make sure to throw the fishy meals in such a way that the otters approach the observation windows. Which means that I came within one pane of glass from Gidget. (Well, two panes. It was at least a double pane window, I’m sure.)

Gidget the otter 2

Look at that face? How can you not love that be-whiskered face?

There’s something really special about playful animals like sea otters. They spend their days lounging around, pushing each other in the water, playing with toys, and eating. Paradise, right?

At first I was kind of jealous. And, yes, I know how stupid it sounds to admit that I was jealous of a sea otter. But, really, what do they have to worry about?? They certainly don’t need to do taxes and that alone is enough to make me green-eyed with envy.

As I watched them, though, I felt all that stress I’ve been harboring fade away. Because they really are just incredibly playful. And funny. And they have such distinct personalities. Maybe I’m crazy, but half of the time it was like they were trying to make the people in the windows laugh.

Watching sea otters is like mainlining St. John’s wort. (Disclaimer: I do not recommend mainlining St John’s wort.)

G insisted that the jellyfish were just a fabulous as the sea otters, but I disagree. I mean, jellyfish aren’t fuzzy. And they don’t hold each other’s paws while they sleep to avoid floating away from each other. Because they don’t have paws.

But I agree they were super cool and super photogenic.

Look how beautiful they are!

Sea Nettles Instagram

Did you know that jellyfish come in polka dots??

Polka Dots Instagram

The sheer variety of jellyfish shocked me. Polka dots?? It blows my mind. We even got to see an albino jellyfish, which was really weird since its brethren were a deep plum color.

All in all, the aquarium is an amazing place. They even have penguins. And the penguins were cool, don’t get me wrong.

Penguin Instagram

(And they clearly knew it, too. At least this one did. Come on, that body language can only be saying, “Bask in my glory!”)

But I made G take me back to see the sea otters twice.

It was warm in Monterey, much warmer than it has been in San Francisco (which isn’t surprising) so G & I were able to walk everywhere. And I realized that I don’t even know when the last time was that I just took a walk with no particular destination in mind. It was really nice.

The walking path takes you off the main roads and along the coast, dotted with little picnic areas and benches. So we decided to double down and just sit for a while watching the boats. Of course, I broke out the camera. And I am still a terrible photographer.

K&G in Monterey

By the way, have you heard of water fountains for dogs? Well, Monterey has them! How cool is that?

It’s been a long time since I felt this good. And now we’re home and I’m happy to be here, too.

Now…back to work!

Refreshedly yours,

K & G in Monterey 2

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