Running Playlist – September

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I apologize that this post is a little late. On Friday, I was at a wedding in good ol’ Los Angeles.

The wedding was gorgeous and highly anticipated by everyone who knew the bride and groom. S & P had a two year long engagement, so we’ve been waiting for what feels like forever. And on Friday, it finally happened!

In honor of my friends S & P, I’ve decided to make this month’s playlist a love & marriage theme.

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Map Love

Map Love Header Gray 2

I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this before, but G has a thing for maps. He has some serious map love going on. Though his usually preference is antique or vintage maps, to be fair.

For the last few months, I’ve been seeing these map prints with hearts “marking the spot,” so to speak, for various events: where a couple met, where they got engaged, where they live, etc. And I think they’re really cute. I have seven or eight of them pinned to my various Pinterest boards. But I couldn’t shake the idea that they would be easy to make if only had the maps at my fingertips.

Then, the other day, I found this map customizing tool brought to you by the friendly folks over at Google:

Since I still can’t be up and about too much, I spent quite a bit of time with this new toy. So I made a little Map Love of my own.

For instance, this is where G and I met nearly 9 years ago.

Berkeley Heart 2

(About five minutes after meeting, we and 5 other people piled into a car that should have only seated 4. We all got friendly pretty quickly.)

And this is, of course, where we live now.

Map Love San Francisco

Want to make your own? It’s really easy to customize the maps with the Styled Map Wizard.

Click here to open in your browser. When it first opens, there will be a white box with general instructions laid on top of the map.

1 Stylized Map - BeginI’ll give you a quick breakdown of how things work, though.

2 Enter Address

Here are the basics of what the tools in the control panel on the left do.
3 BasicsNot included above:

Invert Brightness basically turns your background black and your roads become different colors. I didn’t find much use for it.

And then, of course, there’s the usual Saturation and Lightness.

The Lightness slider: controls the light/dark of your map

-moving the slider to the right (into positive numbers) will make your map lighter and lighter until it goes white.

-moving the slider to the left (into negative numbers) will make your map darker and darker until it goes black.

The Saturation slider: controls the color intensity of your map

-moving the slider to the right (into positive numbers) will make the colors of your map richer and darker

-moving the slider to the right (into negative numbers) will make the colors of your map lighter and fainter

Note: In programs like Photoshop, Saturation and Lightness are two completely different controls and have very different affects on your image. Here, they have the same affect on images, but the sliders work opposite of each other. So that might be a bit confusing at first.

Here’s an example. Let’s say you want to turn off the hospital on the map because you just don’t like the red splotch in the middle of your map.

4 Before Medical Off

Under Feature type select Points of Interest, and then Medical. Click the box next to Visibility and then click the circle next to “Off.”


5 After Medical Off

But let’s say you didn’t want to get rid of the whole feature. You like the little symbols on the map, but you don’t like the wording mucking up your image. Easy.

Keep your eye on the parks.

6 Select Park Labels Text

In the Feature Type section go to Points of Interest again, and select Parks. Then move down to the Element Type section just below. Select Labels and then Text. Click the box next to Visibility and then click the circle next to off.

7 After Park Text Off

No more text!

Just one other weirdness in this tool. Like with Lightness and Saturation, the difference between Color and Hue on the map isn’t much.

When you have one feature selected (for example the water), both just change the color of the feature, though the Hue version looks a little more transparent or like the color was mixed with white.

Using the Color tool:

9 Colorized Feature

Using the Hue tool:

10 Hued Water

The only real difference is when you have ALL the features selected.

Using Color:

11 Colorized Map copy


Color just comes out as an opaque block of color. No map left.

Using Hue:

12 Hued Map copyWhereas Hue puts a slightly transparent color over the entire image.

I think that’s about it. Play around with it! It’s really fun.

Each time you make a change, you’ll need to head over to the “Map Style” menu on the right side of your screen and click the “Add” button. This saves your previous change.

8 Save Changes

To get rid of something you’ve saved, just click the trash can in the upper-right of that “style” box.

13 To erase changes

I’d love to see your maps when you’re done!

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Bunting, Birthday Cards and Downloads

Birthday Cards & Bunting Header

Is bunting the new chevron? I started to notice bunting popping up a few months ago on all of the DIY boards that I follow on Pinterest as party decorations. Now, though, I feel like I’m seeing it everywhere. Granted, I missed out on nearly the entire summer thanks to my broken tailbone. So maybe the bunting takeover isn’t new at all for the rest of you.

Breaking my tailbone meant that, other than going to work, I haven’t spent much time out of bed since June. With that kind of pain going on in your lower trunk, it’s difficult to do anything other lay in bed and watch episode after episode of How I Met Your Mother.

But I’m me (i.e. extremely stubborn, some might even say bull-headed), so as soon as I was able to sit at the computer, I was back to playing with my Photoshop. Since I had bunting on the mind, as well as a certain friend’s birthday, I slapped the two together and created a few birthday cards.







If you like them, feel free to download any or all of the full-size files at the bottom of this post.

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No, I’m Not Dead

No, I’m not dead, though at times it felt like I might be. Then I would remember that if I was dead, I wouldn’t hurt so much.

Breaking a tailbone is no joke. I also tore some interesting things that have made periods of standing or sitting quite painful. Which meant no standing at the stove and no sitting for long projects.

So the summer was pretty much a wash for me.

But I’m getting back to my usual self and into the swing of things. I’m hoping to have a new project up soon!

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Running Playlist – June

Running Playlist icon - June

If you’ve been reading, you’re aware that the floor at Roller Disco kicked my butt last weekend. Literally. And I am in a lot of pain. Show of hands: who knew we actually use our butts on a daily basis? (Put your hand down, G.)

I can’t run for a while, at least until I know whether or not I broke my tailbone. Yes, that’s right. I need to get X-rays done. Of my butt. (Oh boy, oh boy!)

Needless to say, this month’s running playlist is a bit of an break. I know none of my playlists are super intense, but this one is practically nap worthy. Because I’m going to be moving so slowly once I get back in my running shoes that people might actually think I’m standing still. Napping on my feet even.

And, so, because it seems to be the theme for June in general, my theme for the June running playlist is pain.

“I Can Feel Your Pain” Manchester Orchestra

“The Cure for Pain” Jon Foreman

“Pain in My Heart” Rolling Stones

“World of Pain” Cream

“Pure Pain” Kurt Vile

“Joy & Pain” Chris Richardson

“King of Pain” The Police

“Youth Knows No Pain” Lykke Li

“Set Me Free – Feel My Pain” Charli XCX

“Archives of Pain” Manic Street Preachers

“Pleasure and Pain” The Chameleons

“Love This Pain” Lady Antebellum

“Love & Pain” JMSN

“Pain (Acoustic)” Three Days Grace

“Without Pain” Rogue Wave

“Love and Pain” JMSM

Length: 60 minutes

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